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APIC is pleased to offer four pre-conference programs on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Please see below for further information. You can see registration rates by clicking here .

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CIC® Certification Preparatory Course

Increasing the number of IPs with the CIC credential is a central goal of APIC’s Strategic Plan.

This interactive overview course includes the following:

Registrants for this course will also receive discounts to purchase APIC’s .

Please note: This class teach the basics of infection prevention and control. It help attendees develop familiarity with the exam’s content and structure, and help develop confidence in taking the exam.

There is a separate fee for the pre-conference workshops.

Learning objectives

By participating in this workshop and accessing the additional online resources included with this course, attendees will be able to:

If you have experience in infection control (recommended two years) and are actively accountable for core aspects of the IPC program in your current position, this course will be a valuable support for you on your pathway to preparing for certification.

Consulting 101: How to Get Started Now

Join us for an informative session to learn how to become a consultant and the advantages of working with a consulting firm like APIC Consulting Services. Led by CIC®-certified consultants and the Executive Director of APIC Consulting, this session will provide an overview of infection prevention and control (IPC) consulting in various practice settings, how to begin consulting when you are working full-time, the types of consulting work are available, and the expectations of clients. Attendees will have dedicated time to ask questions of panelists and APIC Consulting staff. Three additional CIC-certified consultant panelists will participate in QA.

Learning Objectives:

Disinfection, Sterilization, and Antisepsis: Principles, Practices, Current Issues, New Research, and New Technologies

This symposium will include lectures and panel discussions on the latest breakthroughs regarding cleaning and disinfecting of non-critical environmental surfaces, as well as reprocessing semi-critical and critical medical devices. The presentations will address current issues associated with antisepsis, disinfection, and sterilization in healthcare; special issues and solutions associated with reprocessing endoscopes and other medical devices; new technologies and products for disinfection, sterilization, and antisepsis; and the products to use to deactivate emerging pathogens (e.g., , CRE,, HPV).

Learning Objectives:

Interactive Skills Lab: Practical Solutions to Reduce Infection Risk and Ensure Compliance

This session will provide an interactive learning environment to develop critical thinking skills and sharpen observation skills in the areas of the operating room, sterile processing, and the environment of care (EOC). Mock clinical settings will provide an atmosphere to promote discussion and activity while learning about the unique practice settings.

Environment of Care Lab The EOC Lab will address different patient care settings to recognize and discuss infection prevention risks and offer practical solutions for improvement. The topics to be covered include hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, OSHA regulations for eating and drinking in the clinical area, medication safety, respiratory hygiene, environmental cleaning, laundry services, storage of clean and sterile supplies, and a variety of unique infection prevention observations.

Sterile Processing Lab This lab teaches by tracking instruments from point-of-use to decontamination and sterilization to storage, including specific focus on both endoscope and endocavity probes. Using discussion and hands-on activities, this lab will enhance the attendee’s ability to help the IPC department’s compliance with complicated sterile processing procedures.

PeriOperative Lab The OR is complex and there are many different facets to observe while monitoring compliance to IPC. Learning how the OR personnel do their work is a vital component to creating relationships and partnering with staff to make important changes that will reduce surgical site infections. Participants in this lab will be engaged in the following activities:

Performing a Surgical Scrub The principles will be discussed, the proper way to apply alcohol-based surgical hand scrubs will be demonstrated and then participants will perform a return demonstration.

Principles of Aseptic Technique Part I Introduction to the principles with discussion and observations of behavior related surgical attire, opening the case, and traffic patterns during this process.

Performing a Surgical Skin Prep Participants will perform two different alcohol-based preps, and corresponding techniques, to compare and contrast each product and learn how to recognize best practices.

Principles of Aseptic Technique Part II The principles of aseptic technique from the draping process to the end of the case will be discussed and observed. Dressing placement, drape removal, and the proper way to clean a room will complete the surgical process.

Learning Objectives:

will not
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A rallying call: golden oudh, frankincense, iris, and steel. Proceeds from this scent benefit EMILY’s List, an organization that supports electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.

Jeanne d’Arc, Albert Lynch

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This scent is more complex than I’d predicted, and absolutely gorgeous. Airy and sharp by turns, holy and grounded from one moment to the next, it’s perfect for a woman with a backbone (or sword) of steel and the weight of her convictions behind her. Or for anyone who supports such a woman.



Very incense-y on me- I don’t get any floral at all. It’s not for me but it’s not bad, either.



When wet, there’s a bit of a sickly scent to it. On dry down, that fades completely and it’s a light resin-y, incense-y, floral. It’s pretty, but it doesn’t stand out as anything spectacular on my skin. I agree that it does have a medieval vibe and would be great for RP.



Probably my favorite scent I’ve ever recieved. It starts off !lmost brash and offensive, the Golden oudh overpowering the other notes. Once it dries, it melds into a sweet and powerful musk, the flowers and steel coming through gorgeously. 10/10.


I don’t normally go for floral scents, but I *had* to give this a try! In the bottle, it smells good. There’s something clean and no-nonsense about it. On skin, it burst with the layers of scent rather spectacularly, but then with my body chemistry it settled into the floral note, which overwhelmed all else. I don’t think this is a scent for me, but I know plenty of lovely, strong women who I might be able to gift it to, and I’m glad a little of the money for the purchase went to a good cause!

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The national flower of Puerto Rico. The proceeds of this scent support the Hispanic Federation’s Hurricane Maria relief fund. They have a stellar four-star rating on Charity Navigator, and one-hundred percent of the money that they receive go towards relief and recovery for people imperiled by Hurricane Maria.

It is true that LSMPAs are presently not fully ecologically representative or well connected at the global scale. Nor, on their own, are they likely to provide enough protection to highly mobile species, although they could offer substantial benefits to more resident elements of populations (e.g., White et al. 2017 ). Even if considered with all existing smaller MPAs, these broader goals would still not be met because of our current inability to protect and represent species and habitats in areas beyond national jurisdiction, including the deep-sea and pelagic realms. However, we are only at the start of the process for developing effective large-scale ocean management, and it takes time to enact ambition. In addition, although LSMPAs offer rapid progress toward meeting global targets, a fully representative global MPA network cannot be constructed by protecting only 10% of the seas. To reach goals of ecological representation and connectivity, it will be necessary to increase coverage ambition and extend protection beyond EEZs (O’Leary et al. 2016 ). Moreover, the 10% coverage target does not differentiate between the level of protection afforded to different MPAs despite this being a key driver of ecological benefits (Edgar et al. 2014 ). Expanding the coverage of strongly or fully protected MPAs across all seascapes must therefore also be an aspiration. Finally, strong fisheries management outside of protected areas is required to support LSMPAs, and likewise, well-managed LSMPAs can help reinforce the goals of managers in fishing zones (Ban et al. 2017 ).

The crux of this criticism is that conservation close to population centers suffers because of protection given to remote areas. However, eight nations, including small island developing states, have made or are in the process of making critically important contributions to local domestic conservation via the establishment of ambitious LSMPAs (figure 4 b). Nations such as Palau and Kiribati, for example, have established LSMPAs in their coastal waters that are approximately 500 and 1000 times larger, respectively, than their own land masses. Although 17 of the 35 LSMPAs we identified are in the remote waters of seven countries (table 2 ; figure 4 b), marine conservation efforts began in their local domestic waters and are ongoing there (table 2 ). LSMPAs are complementary to those efforts, not substitutes. It is often the case, however, that MPAs in local domestic waters are subject to much weaker protection than those in distant waters. For example, the United Kingdom currently has strongly or fully protected approximately 1,495,000 km 2 in its overseas territories but only 7.5 km 2 (less than 0.001%) within the EEZ of the British Isles. Likewise, the United States has less than 1% of seas in continental US waters under strong or full protection compared with approximately 43% (approximately 2.6 million km 2 ) of remote waters. Similarly, Chile has protected less than 1% of their mainland EEZ in strongly or fully protected MPAs versus 27% (approximately 450,000 km 2 ) of their EEZ around remote oceanic islands. Given the contingency of beneficial outcomes on high-level protection (Edgar et al. 2014 ), local domestic waters of these countries clearly need much stronger protection. Nonetheless, lessons regarding MPA effectiveness must also be applied to LSMPAs. Currently, 47.9% of the area within designated LSMPAs (7,991,520 km 2 out of 16,670,988 km 2 ) is strongly or fully protected (table S1). However, this falls to 19.8% for promised LSMPAs (1,609,641 km 2 out of 8,137,596 km 2 ; table S1). To ensure that LSMPAs deliver anticipated benefits, adequate levels of protection will be key.

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